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Reach your fitness goals

​At Polar Bear Programming, our scientifically based online training programs help you overcome your training challenges and motivate you to reach your fitness goals with a personalized 1-ON-1 program supported by experienced coaches and specialists of related domains.

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I used to follow a general programming, that wasn't tailored to my needs. Since starting to train with Cedric I have been able to focus on my weaknesses and adapt my programming to what will make me progress best. With his experience, I get programming specific to get better at competing, but also to be more fit generally. Cedric keeps me accountable to my training, which makes me progress even more. 

Alexandre Dandrea

1-ON-1 Remote Coaching

About 2 years ago I decided I wanted more for my training than just CrossFit classes. The first person I thought of was Kim. Kim has been providing me with additional training sessions every month that I do on top of my regular CrossFit classes. These sessions focus on weaknesses that I have been struggling with for years. Kim always checks in on progress and is happy to provide advice. Kim is always encouraging and truly wants you to succeed. I have gotten stronger and improved on many of my weaker accessory movements. I look forward to continuing to work with Kim because I know she will help me reach my goals.

Robert Simpson

1-ON-1 Remote Coaching

Ça fait quelques mois seulement que je travaille avec Cédric et j’ai déjà eu tellement de progrès. Ça sonne insensé, surtout quand ça fait 5 ans que je fais du CrossFit. Cédric est un coach compétant et à l’écoute. De loin mon meilleur investissement. Pour ceux qui hésiteraient. Foncer! 

Mike Pommay

1-ON-1 Remote Coaching



​The weightlifting program is designed by Mike Blanchard, who started his athletic journey as a CrossFit coach but now focuses on weightlifting and sport performance training.


This program is different because it's built by an experienced coach who understands the demands of the sport of CrossFit and knows all the principles of Olympic-style weightlifting. It is designed for weightlifters, however, CrossFit enthusiasts can benefit from it to improve technique and get stronger with a barbell.


​We have years of experience in functional fitness as professional athletes and as remote coaches.

We use an holistic approach that start with a consultation, two assessments (micro & macro) and finally a physiological test to determine your profil and orient our programming.


​These programs are built Kim Chartrand, who has 15 years of experience as a gymnastics athlete and coach. She's known to be one of the women with the strongest and most defined core in the fitness industry.


Our unique programs offers 2 different options: at-home or at-the-gym, so you can do what's best for you. This program provides you with a weekly nutritional tip by a certified sport dietitian, because working hard isn't enough when it comes to great abdominal muscles.


We’ve spent over 5 years programming for ourselves, affiliates or athletes. Over the years, we learned, discussed and adapted our approaches to be able to launch this well -structured, science based and educational programming. In fact, our affiliate program offers way more than a simple WOD - it provides the coaches with knowledgeable tools to run a professional and efficient class.


For each training piece, they’ll gain an understanding of the intention, the desired stimulus & the technical points of performance. We believe that a good programming must be easy for coaches & well-structured, so your athletes get the most out of their 60minutes. 

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